5 Ways to Use Video to Promote Your Micro Business

Every driving school has the opportunity to market effectively with video. Here’s an article outlining 5 key areas where video works well including, customer testimonials, letting your prospects learn about you, sharing knowledge etc. The great thing is that these

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How You Can Grow Your Business with QR Codes

Does your driving school use QR codes in your marketing activities and vehicle livery? It is also likely that the business owner may never have tried to scan a QR code and therefore not entirely sure about the convenience value

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3 Facebook Hashtag Marketing Tips for Graph Search Optimization

Here are some practical tips for using Hashtag’s on Facebook. Avoid the long list of Hashtag’s and use your keyword for example #drivingschool or #drivinglessons etc. take a few minutes to read this succinct article which will improve your face

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Demystifying SEO Elements: Where To Focus To Get Results Infographic

Digital Marketing is complicated. And for the average busy driving instructor it will amount to little more than a website and/or Facebook page. Here is an article that explains Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in a way you might appreciate, as

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What Is Digital Marketing? INFOGRAPHIC

Without digital marketing, it’s almost impossible for any brand to make any kind of impact on the web. The infographic below takes a closer look at digital marketing. http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/digital-marketing-guide_b43710

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How to Market your Personal Online Brand on 10 Social Media Networks

Influence , knowledge and power is being digitised. There is no turning back. If you want to continue to be effective and relevant, then there is no choice. Jobs, careers and businesses are being driven by the social web. Read

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Infographic: 10 SEO content writing tips

http://digitalsherpa.com/infographic-under-construction/ #end — Sent from Zite, available for free in the App Store. Tony Commisso Co-founder Elpo Technology Pty Ltd 9/37 Kesteven Street Florey ACT 2604 Mobile: 0413 438 138 Fax: 02 8214 5876

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Content Marketing Media Matrix for Small Business INFOGRAPHIC

A useful tool to assess content marketing requirements and complexity. The key is to get started with small challenges and build up to more difficult/advanced features. http://infographiclist.com/2013/05/08/content-marketing-media-matrix-for-small-business-infographic/

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Anatomy of a 5 star email Hubspot publication

"A few years ago, marketers were decrying the death of email. Instead of fading away a la Myspace and mood rings, email remains one of the most productive means of generating leads and selling products online." This publication presents a

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Traditional Publicity vs. Content Marketing

content-marketing-traditional-marketing-chart.jpg 1,400×1,083 pixels.

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