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7 Secrets of YouTube Marketing

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10 Things SEOs & SMBs Should Know About New Google Places Dashboard

Every small business needs to ensure an online presence. Taking steps to list on free local directories, industry directories, and leading platforms such as Yellow Pages and White Pages, is not difficult or costly. Listing on Google Places is essential

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The Forgotten Art of Creating Good Title Tags

Getting the basics right is important for effective SEO. this article provides a useful primer on creating good title tags for your website.

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Email design tips

If you are like most driving schools then it is unlikely that you are distributing email campaigns to customers. In order to reap the benefits of email marketing you need to collect email addresses from your customers and prospects. Using

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The 5 Types Of Social Media Complainers (And How To Deal With Them) INFOGRAPHIC

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Credit card Surcharges – do your customers care?

I found this article from the Canberra Times relevant to a discussion I regularly have with small business owners. Should you charge your customers for paying by credit card or not? My own view is that offering alternative payment

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ATO Business Benchmarks for Driving Schools and Instructors

The Australian Taxation Office publishes benchmarks which show a number of different financial ratios of business income to business expenses, to help businesses compare their performance against similar businesses in an industry. Driver Educator performance benchmarks published by the ATO

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Top Tools for Finding and Keeping Customers

A recent Constant Contact survey of small business owners cited the following as their top 5 tools for attracting new business: Daily deals: 53% Internet ads: 51% Web listing sites: 38% Social media ads: 37% Online coupons: 29% Deals/coupons are

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How Connected Cars Might Actually Make Driving Better

This article quantifies the likely benefits of connect car technology, check out the following stat’s which would be dramatically improved from the new tech. Between 11% and 13% of commuting time is wasted in urban traffic congestion, for a total

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Six Steps to Using Six-Second Videos in Business Marketing

Vine…video marketing? It would seem to me that Vine is the perfect tool for driving school marketing video’s. capturing on the to testimonials, quick driving tips and so on and so forth. This article gives a good guide to planning

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