People will never want to book multiple lessons and pay up front!

The title of this article was an actual statement made to me by a driving school industry leader. Whilst I didn’t have his many years of experience of operating a driving school or the extensive experience as a driving instructor, I knew the statement was utterly wrong!

The years of industry experience was his disadvantage, and my freshness to the industry provided me with a blank canvass untainted by what has been. When I introduced the customer self service portal it was ground breaking. The driver education industry has a low adoption rate for use of technology to manage business, customers and instructors. Whilst there is a growing stream of online scheduling applications available there is only one Australian solution built specifically for driving schools. ensures that there is no possibility of booking a lesson when an instructor is not available, in the wrong transmission car, without travel time and with the an instructor that does not service the customers suburb is eliminated. No double bookings, out of area lessons, wrong car or wrong instructor!

And that same result is achieved in all sales channels, when bookings are made by instructors, booking office staff, customers or temps!

But I digress, do customers want to book multiple lessons? In my experience many customers wish to plan their lessons and select optimum times and dates that suit sporting, schooling and/or work commitments and therefore wish to have the option of booking multiple lessons. It is good customer service to give customers the option.

Will customers pay for lessons upfront? In my experience customers wishing to book online expect to pay upfront for their purchase. It is an established practice for online dealing. An estimated 95% of customers have paid at the time of booking and 100% paid online when booking via the customer portal, and in all cases without complaint.

With over 50% of bookings being package sales which are paid upfront to attract discount pricing, both multiple bookings and upfront payment is always the case.

And don’t forget the benefit in reduced unpaid cancellations and no shows that arises from prepaid lessons.

What inspired me to seek the development of the processes that are now inherent within, particularly when discarded by an industry leader? Simply hands on involvement in all aspects of the business including call taking, lead conversion, booking, receivables etc. this hands on approach and talking to customers allowed for me to explore the opportunities for improved efficiency in the entire sales process. It also allowed me to explore how to make the instructor and driving school relationship more efficient and with reduced administrative time while increasing communication effectiveness to under pin the customer experience. now has over 50 features designed to deliver effectiveness across the business and meet customer needs in a transparent and effective manner. Lucky for me I ignored industry norms and advice to seek what was really needed for the digital age.


Tony Commisso FCA, BA (Accounting) An experienced business coach and adviser, Fellow Chartered Accountant that makes a difference to SME's seeking operational improvement and systemisation, profit improvement or exist strategies. As a natural leader he drives people to achieve their goals.

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