Top Tools for Finding and Keeping Customers

A recent Constant Contact survey of small business owners cited the following as their top 5 tools for attracting new business:

  1. Daily deals: 53%
  2. Internet ads: 51%
  3. Web listing sites: 38%
  4. Social media ads: 37%
  5. Online coupons: 29%

Deals/coupons are great sales tools to attract new customers. hosted business solution for driving schools includes a customer acquisition module, smartDEALS which allows the business to create and offer package deals and offers to customers through all channels including online, booking office and in car via the instructor.

Package deals is one of the most popular sales offers used in driving schools to attract customers.

The unique feature of is the integrated accounting for customers and service providers which extends to the smartDEALS module. The module also manages expiry dates, cancellation forfeiture policies, receipting, voucher dispatch and an integrated payment gateway.

Read the full article for a detailed summary of the survey results

Tony Commisso FCA, BA (Accounting) An experienced business coach and adviser, Fellow Chartered Accountant that makes a difference to SME's seeking operational improvement and systemisation, profit improvement or exist strategies. As a natural leader he drives people to achieve their goals.

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