How Connected Cars Might Actually Make Driving Better

This article quantifies the likely benefits of connect car technology, check out the following stat’s which would be dramatically improved from the new tech.

Between 11% and 13% of commuting time is wasted in urban traffic congestion, for a total of 90 billion hours.

Some 7% to 12% of urban congestion is caused by people looking for parking.

Between 10% and 17% of of urban fuel is wasted at stoplights when there is no crosstraffic.

Eighty percent of accidents (6.3 million) are caused by driver distraction.

Tony Commisso FCA, BA (Accounting) An experienced business coach and adviser, Fellow Chartered Accountant that makes a difference to SME's seeking operational improvement and systemisation, profit improvement or exist strategies. As a natural leader he drives people to achieve their goals.

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