Google Driverless Cars Might Drive Search Revenue

What attracts me most about driverless cars is that I am freed up to be productive. Personally getting from A to B isn’t much fun, it’s not productive time, and I get frustrated from having to sit there incapable of dealing with emails, correspondence, research and anything other than a phone call. I know, relax…enjoy the ride! I couldn’t agree more.

My thoughts are that if I didn’t have to drive (I can’t afford a chauffeur) I could relax…and enjoy the ride. Read, write and get things done before family time.

The article suggests that Google has a plan to monetize its long investment in the technology. And I guess the author is right. For one one would be searching the web, as needed. Good thinking Google.

Tony Commisso FCA, BA (Accounting) An experienced business coach and adviser, Fellow Chartered Accountant that makes a difference to SME's seeking operational improvement and systemisation, profit improvement or exist strategies. As a natural leader he drives people to achieve their goals.

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