Google Driverless Cars Might Drive Search Revenue

What attracts me most about driverless cars is that I am freed up to be productive. Personally getting from A to B isn’t much fun, it’s not productive time, and I get frustrated from having to sit there incapable of dealing with emails, correspondence, research and anything other than a phone call. I know, relax…enjoy the ride! I couldn’t agree more.

My thoughts are that if I didn’t have to drive (I can’t afford a chauffeur) I could relax…and enjoy the ride. Read, write and get things done before family time.

The article suggests that Google has a plan to monetize its long investment in the technology. And I guess the author is right. For one one would be searching the web, as needed. Good thinking Google.

Tony Commisso FCA, BA (Accounting) Tony is a an experienced business adviser and chartered accountant and former a partner with Deloitte. He has operated a successful driving school in Canberra, Australia and through application of his professional skills and passion for excellence has developed a range of specialist skills in the successful operation and growth of driving school businesses. He has co-founded Elpo Technology Pty Ltd a developer of a comprehensive online business solution for driving schools which includes a customer ecommerce interface and leverages modern cloud technology for managing a mobile workforce of driving instructors.

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