Useful calculator to estimate profit in driving schools

Ultimately, driving schools sell TIME! Yes a driving lesson is time based and there are only limited hours each day, week, year etc that you can sell! To get the most from this limited and precious asset you need to ensure that maximum productivity (instructor utilisation) and operating efficiency is achieved in your business. And of course you have to reduce the number of unpaid cancelations and no-show appointments!
Driving School Manager™ provides maximum efficiency in scheduling and real time views on past, current and future bookings. Our feature rich driving school hosted software solution provides real time access to student information and training records and importantly their financial transactions with you. Reduce lost revenue from No Shows and orphan time!
Profit Calculator to check the profit potential of your driving school. Achieve better productivity and more profit!


Tony Commisso FCA, BA (Accounting) Tony is a an experienced business adviser and chartered accountant and former a partner with Deloitte. He has operated a successful driving school in Canberra, Australia and through application of his professional skills and passion for excellence has developed a range of specialist skills in the successful operation and growth of driving school businesses. He has co-founded Elpo Technology Pty Ltd a developer of a comprehensive online business solution for driving schools which includes a customer ecommerce interface and leverages modern cloud technology for managing a mobile workforce of driving instructors.

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